The Ice Hole : A Cardboard Comedy

The Ice Hole: A Cardboard Comedy

Created by Pierre Guillois and Olivier Martin-Salvan, The Ice Hole: A Cardboard Comedy never misses a visual gag in its cartoonish burlesque.  The immaculate stagecraft conjures a fantasy world for the audience through a precise choreography of cardboard objects, cut-outs and signs.  In Fishbowl, the innovative company had given up speech and, for this new show, they decided to also give up sets, revealing the inner workings of theatre props; through pieces of cardboard the great actor’s sidekick creates images of the landscape, people and objects that the traveller discovers along the way.

The magic and comedy of the show hinges on the contrast between the immobile traveller – a virtuoso of invented language – and the bumbling and fumbling props man whose efforts will inevitably save the day.

[The Ice Hole] takes an impossibly complex idea and makes it work through sheer virtuosity. […] There is nothing currently like it on the French stage, and the instant standing ovation rewarded the duo’s ingeniousness (The New York Times).


Running Time :    75 minutes

Location      :   Pleasance Courtyard (Grand), 60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

Box Office    :

Tickets are available from www.pleasance.co.uk

Previews: £10
Weekday: £16 (£14)
Weekend: £18 (£16)