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Fringe review: THE ICE HOLE: A CARDBOARD COMEDY, Compagnie le Fils du GrandReseau - Edinburgh Festival Fringe

by Rachel Louise Martin published the 06/08/2023

Pure comedic and creative genius!

The Ice Hole takes us on a journey from the fjords of Iceland to the Spanish desert via Scotland, England, Paris and a whole lot of sea. Cursed by a mermaid that he accidentally caught whilst fishing, a great actor recounts his story in a language no one is quite sure of, and with the help of one fellow performer (who works endlessly throughout the performance)!

It’s a complex piece that appears effortless by the performers and backstage crew yet should one item be out of place, it would alter the entire show (no pressure there then Besties!) The amount of preparation to set this show doesn’t even bear thinking about, so a huge shoutout to the sometimes forgotten Stage Management team there.

The performance is a very physical piece of theatre but the flow and consistency of high energy is faultless throughout, filling the audience, not only with awe at their stamina, but also with aching cheeks from so much laughter.

Devised by Pierre Guillois and Olivier Martin Salvan, and as a Moliere Theatre award winner 2022 for Best Show in a Public Theatre, this is one of the cleverest pieces of theatre we have seen. Just when you think nothing more can surprise you, it does, again and again.

Described as a cross between Monty Python and Laurel and Hardy with an essence of the Mighty Boosh thrown in, it is suitable for all ages to enjoy and you can be left with no doubt that they will exceed every expectation.

Pure comedic and creative genius!

***** Five stars

Reviewed by: Rachel Louise Martin

The Ice Hole: A Cardboard Comedy plays at The Grand at the Pleasance Courtyard at 1pm until 28 August.