The Ice Hole , Irresistible

PATRICK SOURD  – Les Inrockuptibles


In collaboration with Olivier Martin-Salvan, his favourite actor, the artist uses the expression “to make a cardboard box” in Les Gros patinent bien… The two partners appeal to the spectator’s imagination by using a host of packing boxes inscribed with the names of the elements of the set that they conjure up to tell their story. Inspired by the duo formed by Don Quixote and his valet Sancho Panza, they reverse the roles. Seated in the centre of the stage and wearing an elegant three-piece suit, the imposing Olivier Martin-Salvan embarks on a journey while remaining motionless, while the spindly Pierre Guillois, in a swimming costume, plays the role of a hyperactive assistant, punctuating his tribulations with an avalanche of explanatory cards. The duo take us from the fjords of Norway on an epic journey across Europe. Along the way, we come across migrants in distress, an androgynous little mermaid and windmills transformed into wind turbines. Without a single word being spoken, the show pays homage to the burlesque of silent cinema and the slapstick gags of comedy. Irresistible […] “