©Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Sa bouche ne connaît pas de dimanche


Written and performed by :

Pierre Guillois and Rébecca Chaillon

Sound design : Elisa Monteil

Stage management : Suzanne Péchenart

Festival d’Avignon 2019 – Vive Le sujet

Sa bouche ne connait pas de dimanche

There’s something extraordinary about creating a show in a place so steeped in history. When SACD (Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques) and the Festival d’Avignon invited us to participate in the 2019 edition of Vive le Sujet! we drew our inspiration from the name of the space: Le jardin de la Vierge.
We explored the origins of our relationship and our creation in the space of a few days, playfully co-writing the story of the roots of our intimacy and peeling away the layers of our personalities to uncover our ambiguous relationships to Catholicism, the sacred and the pure.
These investigations were cemented by flesh: animal flesh, the meat that we eat and savour. The delectable flavour of blood and the guilt that accompanies killing for food; the need to confess. We decided to play at being both divinities and secular beings, marrying light and dark comedy with serious and fantastical performance. Rebecca’s roots are in Martinique; Pierre’s are in Brittany. But Rebecca realises that she is black, and Pierre turns gay.
Then Rebecca decides that she wants to be a Holy Butcher, while Pierre banishes God from his life because he was born innocent.
In the beginning there was also the pig: the pigs we raise and slaughter in Brittany and those enjoyed at the Christmas meal in Martinique which were brought to the island by its first settlers.

* Sa bouche ne connait pas de dimanche refers to a Martiniquan Creole expression, Bouch li pa ni dimanch.


The show in picture



Tour manager : Séverine André Liebaut, Scène 2

Administrator : Sophie Perret

Photography and graphics : Christophe Raynaud de Lage, Nathalie Sternalski





La Compagnie Le Fils du Grand Réseau / Pierre Guillois

Co-productions :   

Compagnie Dans le Ventre / Rébecca Chaillon
Le Fonds de dotation du Quartz – Brest
CDN de Normandie-Rouen

Financial support

Compagnie Le Fils du Grand Réseau/Pierre Guillois is funded by the French Ministry of Culture (DRAC Brittany)

Le Carreau du Temple


The staff of Le Quartz National Theatre, Brest

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