dans ton coeur
© Richard Haughton

Dans ton coeur


Akoreacro and Pierre Guillois

Direction: Pierre Guillois

Claire Aldaya Aerialist
Romain Vigier 
Acrobat, catcher

Maxime Solé Acrobat, Washington trapeze
Basile Narcy 
Acrobat, catcher, juggler

Maxime La Sala Cradle catcher  Antonio Segura Lizan Aerialist
Pedro Consciência 
Catcher, acrobat  Joan Ramon Graell Gabriel Catcher, acrobat
Vladimir Tserabun 
Double bass, cello, bass  Eric Delbouys Drums, percussion, guitar Nicolas Bachet Saxophone, acrobat Johann Chauveau Keyboards, flute

With Dans ton cœur, the Akoreacro family welcomes talented director Pierre Guillois, writer and performer of the irresistible burlesque melodrama Bigre. For this production, the master of mockery has invented a language that marries text and acrobatics, creating an interdisciplinary dialogue. Ordinary events in the everyday life of a couple begin to slide out of control, giving rise to mad acrobatics. The couple meet: it’s love at first sight, but once the whirlwind of passion has calmed, routine sets in and the bickering begins. So it goes! The artists of Akoreacro interweave everyday gestures with astounding acrobatics, transforming the most insignificant movements into ever more fantastic feats. Even the appliances get in on the action: fridges rock around, washing machines light up and microwaves ring out while bodies fly gracefully through the air of this acrobatic and musical hullabaloo. A zany and tender look at our everyday idiosyncrasies!



Since it was founded, Akoreacro has promoted innovative, popular and acrobatic circus arts. This group of artists, madcap innovators, dreamers and virtuoso performers strives to exceed its own limits and reaches for the impossible.

Physical ability is the cornerstone of Akoreacro’s artistic explorations, which are grounded in a unique and skilful blend of acrobatics and music.

In this welcoming circus environment, the big top is an artistic tool in its own right, bringing people together in a space that fosters creativity.

Every member of the company brings their skills and desires to the table, creating a happy confusion governed by humour, love, and human relations. Akoreacro tours Europe in constant pursuit of new challenges and new audiences.

Welcome one and all to the big top: come on in and take a seat. Around the ring, time stands still, and a whirlwind of sensations sweeps you away on an unforgettable journey!


The show in picture


Circus technique advisers: Fabrice Berthet and Yuri Sakalov

Choreographic adviser: Roberto Olivan

Musical adviser: Bertrand Landhauser

Assistant director: Léa de Truchis


Costumes and props: Elsa Bourdin assisted by Juliette Girard and Adélie Antonin

Circus scenography: Jani Nuutinen, Circo Aereo assisted by Alexandre De Dardel

Set building: The construction workshops at Maison de la Culture de Bourges


Stage management/Tentmaster: Idéal Buschhoff

Lighting design and management: Manu Jarousse

Sound design and management: Pierre Maheu

Intendant/Management assistants/Dresser:

Nino, Cécile Roig, Véronica Tserabun, Céline Gloux

Producer/Tour manager: Jean-François Pyka

Administration: Nathalie Métais

Production : Association AKOREACRO


Co-production :

Le Volcan National Theatre, Le Havre; Maison de la Culture de Bourges; Circa National Circus Arts Centre (PNAC), Auch; Agora PNAC, Boulazac, Aquitaine Region; Equinoxe National Theatre, Châteauroux; EPCC Parc de la Villette, Paris; Le Quartz Endowment Fund, Brest; citéCirque, Cultural Action Centre, Bègles; Théâtre Firmin-Gémier – La Piscine PNAC, Ile-de-France.


Circa PNAC, Auch, Department of Gers, Midi-Pyrénées Region; Agora PNAC, Boulazac, Aquitaine Region; Cheptel Aleikoum, Saint-Agil; Le Volcan, Le Havre National Drama Centre; Maison de la Culture de Bourges; Le Sirque PNAC, Nexon.


Financial support:

Compagnie Akoreacro is funded by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (DRAC Centre-Val de Loire) and the Centre-Val de Loire Region.

Akoreacro receives funding from the Directorate-General for Artistic Creation (DGCA) (project development); the Centre-Val de Loire Region (development and investment); ADAMI; and SPEDIDAM (project development).